Valve released a patch for Artifact 2.0. Developers changed the balance of some units and heroes, added two new maps, and also fixed a number of bugs.
The patch information has been posted on the game's Steam page.

List of major changes:

The Guardian Ent has changed its name ability: instead of Roseleaf Druid, it is now Parasitic Seed.
Iron Branches ability now grants regeneration instead of armor.
Added a red card "Imperial Herald" with indicators 2/1/2. It requires four units of mana.
Added a red card "Legion Reconnaissance" with indicators 2/1/2. It requires five units of mana.
The Insurrectionist card is now green (previously red) and has lost its armor.
Red Mist Marauder turned black (was previously red). The card no longer produces copies.
Druid Roseleaf mana cost reduced from 2 to 1.
Rebel is now a green card (was previously red). He now gets + 1 / + 1 for each creature in lane participating in a voul uprising.

Earlier, Artifact 2.0 added in-game chat filtering. In additiondevelopers have made changes to the gameplay and fixed a number of bugs.