On the night of December 10, Valve released an update for CS:GO
In update was fixed a bug with the operation of notification signals.
Now they become transparent when you hover the crosshair and do not block the view for the user,also volume of death sounds for female agents was reduced.

List of major changes:

Notification signals now become transparent when you hover over them
Reduced the volume of the background music when selecting the Ancient background in the main menu of the game
Volume of death sounds for female agents has been reduced
Minor fixes for Mirage in Retake mode
The Ancient map lighting has been changed, on the Ancient map
The Ancient map volume of the sound environment in some zones has been reduced

General optimization of the map was carried out, some textures and surfaces were replaced; updated localization files for 15 languages.

Valve previously fixed a rare bug with the transfer of settings from Premier matchmaking to regular custom matches.