Valve has released a small patch for Dota 2, where description for the post-match analytics functionality in Dota Plus in English has been corrected.
Update was released on the night of October 17.

Developers have changed the tooltip suggesting that you analyze the effectiveness of damage and compare your performance with the average values of other players of your rank.

Changed phrase:
"After a match is complete, view the Damage Đ’reakdowns tab to analyze your damage output effectiveness or the Performance tab to compare your results against averages for your rank."

Earlier Valve said that at the end of November it plans to release a new hero for Dota 2, as well as introduce the functionality of "Patrol" from CS: GO,
which should help in the fight against toxic players.
Developers also noted that they have now learned how to identify boosters more effectively - over 14 thousand accounts have been blocked over the past 30 days. Judging by the numerous reviews of the players, such bans sometimes turn out to be wrong.