FaZe Clan defeated OG in the IEM New York 2020 playoffs and became the winner of the tournament.
The match ended with a clear 3:0 score. 22:20 on Mirage, 16: 5 on Inferno, 16:11 on Dust 2.

On the way to the final, FaZe Clan defeated Team Vitality in the semifinals of the tournament and finished second in Group B.
OG was stronger than Fnatic in the 1/2 championship. For team OG this final was the first in the history of the club.

Top 3 Prize Distribution:

1 place - FaZe Clan - $70.000
2 place - OG - $30.000
3/4 place -Team Vitality and NiP - $12.000 each.

The IEM New York Online 2020 European Region was held online from October 6-11. Eight teams competed for a prize pool of $ 140,000.