Valve announced the start of sales of The International's tenth Dota 2 Battle Pass.

The cost varies depending on the entry level: $9.99 (1st level), $29.35 (50th level) and $44.99 (100th level).
Recall that 25% of sales of combat passes go directly to the tournament prize pool, which currently stands at $ 5.67 million.
Owners of a combat pass will be able to create guilds and take group tasks, participate in a combat contest and execute kill orders to get battle points.
In addition, players are waiting for an in-game event, mini-games during a pause, a special landscape, two new personalities for Pudge and Anti-Mage, three Arcana-objects for Wraith King, Queen of Pain and Windranger and much more.

The company notes that Immortal items from The International 10 Battle Pass cannot be exchanged or sold until the end of The International 11 Battle Pass season. However, each item can be donated once.
Earlier this month, Valve postponed The International's Dota 2 anniversary indefinitely due to coronavirus. Most likely, the tournament will be held only in 2021, but so far the company is not ready to name new dates.