The results for the title of the Most Valuable Player in the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 series were summed up.
Based on the results of the tournaments in each region, 5 candidates were selected - No[o]ne (Europe & CIS), Monet (China), Arteezy (North America), K1 (South America) and DJ (Southeast Asia).
The tournament in Europe turned out to be the largest and most spectacular, in the final, defeated OG with a score of 3:2, and No[o]ne was recognized as the MVP of the tournament,
with the best average KDA (8.27) and second average for murders (8.85).
And now he was awarded MVP among all regions, as well as a certificate for the purchase of Mercedes-Benz worth € 50,000.
Earlier, No[o]ne already received a similar award at ESL One Birmingham 2018.