Riot Games has pulled out of cooperation with the sponsor of the European League of Legends from Saudi Arabia.

On July 29, urban development company NEOM became the new sponsor of LEC. Players, commentators and community representatives criticized this decision.

According to them, the Saudi Arabian company violates Riot's intangible principles of support for sexual minorities and inclusion.
Alberto Guerrero, head of the Riot Games esports division in Europe, commented on the situation and refusal to cooperate with NEOM:

Our company knows how important it is to admit our mistakes and correct them quickly. After considering the situation, we decided to immediately end our cooperation with NEOM.
Despite this, we remain loyal to our players around the world, including in Saudi Arabia.
In order to create a supportive esports ecosystem, we rushed to close a deal that split the community.
We will review the internal structure of the company so that such situations do not recur again
. "