Astralis announced the beginning of a "new era" in the club and renamed League of Legends and FIFA team.

Astralis Group
united all divisions and teams of the organization into one brand - Astralis.
Previously, only the CS: GO roster played under this name."

The red star [in the Astralis logo] is already a cult sign in esports today, and we made the strategic decision to devote all our resources to building a truly global brand. Digital, physical and team-based, all of our future activities will be carried out under the Astralis name and be based on the same values that characterize the organization. ” - Anders Hoersholt, CEO of Astralis Group

In addition to the CS:GO roster, Astralis Group includes teams for League of Legends and FIFA disciplines - Origen and Future FC.
According to the staff of the organization, this a merger will positively affect the development of the club and open up more opportunities for both business and interaction with fans.
For example, fans will be able to purchase a single Astralis merchandise, of which there will be more.

Astralis Group was founded in 2016. Origen's LoL roster joined the organization in 2018, and the FIFA roster in 2019.