On the night of July 30, Valve released an update for CS:GO, which improved the game's performance and made changes to the Mutiny map.
The developers have also fixed some bugs and shortcomings.


fixed performance issues during replay playback;
fixed domain names starting with a digit that could be changed via DNS using the connect command;
added sv_closecaption setting on the server side;
Added background for Mutiny and Swamp cards to the main menu.


added areaportals to improve optimization on the path from terrorist respawn to point B;
corrected the draw distance of some objects to improve performance;
removed some unnecessary foliage objects.

Maps (Mutiny):

increased the height of the shelter on bunker A;
removed the lantern outside of plant B;
removed foliage on the way from spetsnaz respawn to point B to increase visibility;
fixed the point of landing near the "connector" on plant A;
added several boxes in the corner of spetsnaz respawn;
removed barrels and wooden structures near the spiesnaz base;
improved clipping in some locations;
clipping added to fire cabinets;
fixed the trajectory of grenades flying from the terrorists' respawn to plant A and near the wall in the middle.


now when a bomb explodes, ship cannons fire a salvo towards the sea;
fixed a bug that allowed seeing enemies on the radar through boxes;
fixed a bug due to which weapons and grenades were stuck in the textures of the boxes;
fixed a bug where seagulls did not die when shot at them;
added more details to the house on the way from the terrorist respawn to plant A;
increased drawing distance of various objects around the docks;
fixed a bug with a bomb getting stuck in the mid lane;
closed several holes in the lobby;
removed several moss textures;
changed the palm tree at the elevator;
fixed pixels that could be moved;
updated localization files.

Previously, developers released a patch which made several balance changes to the Mutiny and Swamp maps.
Valve also made general optimizations, fixed bugs, improved grenade bounce, and changed the location of some of the bays on the shelters.