ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online: Europe & CIS has ended.
In the match for the third time, and OG met for the third time during the tournament.
And if two previous meetings VP won with a score 2:0, in the final everything was different.
OG lost on the first map, but then led 2-1. The fourth card was taken by VP, and on the last map OG for a long time owned the advantage.
But in the end still squeezed the opponent. To the credit of OG,
it is worth saying that the team entered the tournament with two substitutions - instead of Topson and MidOne, 33 and Ceb played, and SumaiL played with ping 100 from another continent. MVP of the competition was recognized Ukrainian No[o]ne of VP. Below are the results:

1st - $60.000 -

2nd - $38.000 - OG

3rd - $25.000 -

4th - $14.000 - Chicken Fighters

5th-6th - $10,000 - Team Spirit, Team Secret

7th-8th - $7,500 - Team Nigma, Alliance